Bellflower, CA – First 15-Min City in CA

The Bellflower Mayor and City Councilmen have rolled out their plan and announced Bellflower as the first “Smart-15 minute city” using the cute name “Bellflower Connect.” This should come as a complete surprise and shock not only to all Bellflower citizens, residents, and business owners but also to all CA residents!

Please watch the following videos to educate yourself and others in our state about the extreme consequences of these plans that are touted as devious and nefarious. Some believe the 15-minute cities can endanger us in many ways: physically, financially, and by threatening our liberties.

Bellflower Council Meeting @ 6min – 38 min 11s

FEMA and 15-Minute Cities

Effects of 5-G

15-minute city 2030 Agenda

Supporters of Agenda 30 are starting with stable, small cities first. It looks like Bellflower, CA is at the top of this list. During the Bellflower City Council meeting on November 27, 2023, the CEO of a company called ICCN presented a PowerPoint of about 24 slides showing the development of the Bellflower Connect 15-minute city, which was in the works for some time.  Plans for the Bellflower Connect 15-minute city entail full tracking of your every move, with facial and license plate recognition using hidden cameras everywhere. That’s just the tip of the iceberg! No freedom to travel. Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, which are the strategic backbone of the 15-minute city, are UN and WEF agendas and are very fascist in nature. Both agendas support government control given to a selective group of government entities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as international corporations and finance conglomerates–not WE THE PEOPLE. Technologies used in a 15-minute city are similar to those that monitor and control social credit scores used in China. The term 15-minute Cities is also known as Smart Cities. Some consider the 15-minute cities as digital imprisonment concentration camps.

The Bellflower City Council is meeting on 12/11/23, Monday night at 16600 Civic Center Dr, Bellflower, CA (close to Flower St and Civic Center Dr intersection).  They have no set office hours, by the way.  It is located adjacent to the city library, just behind and to the left of the library.  The free parking is in front of this 2-story building, and 3-story parking is just to the right of it.

Walk in the double doors into the building, walk straight ahead a few feet, and enter the very nice new-ish area where there is ample comfortable seating for those who want to take one to three minutes to speak out about this to all five of these councilmen.  Make sure you sign your first name (only) at the podium when you first walk in, and they will call your name to speak on this non-agenda item.

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